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The plan is designed to file your GST returns every month and get your business GST compliant. This is one of the most popular packages in the GST regime for assistance to file GST Returns.

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GST Return Filing

Taxable persons and entities under GST are required to file various GST returns. Under GST, return filing is a very important activity that serves as the link between the taxpayer and the government. In the GST return, the taxpayer is required to furnish details like the particulars of business activity, declaration of tax liability, payment of taxes and other information as requested by the government. All returns in GST are required to be filed electronically and facility is to be provided for manual filing of GST returns, wherein the return can be prepared offline and uploaded on the GSTN by the taxpayer or a facilitation center.

Who should apply for GST Filing?


Registered persons who are taxable under GST are required to file GST returns. Therefore, any registered person who has obtained registration but has not crossed the exemption limit (i.e., Rs.20 lakhs across India, except for Northeastern and Hill states wherein its Rs.10 lakhs) will not be required to file GST return until they cross the exemption limit. However, once the exemption limit is crossed and the taxpayer begins filing GST returns, even if there is no taxable supplied made or received during a period, the taxpayer is required to file a NIL return. Hence, not filing GST return is not an option and without filing the return of a period, next return cannot be filed.

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